Do Rocks, Reefs and Wrecks Affect Deep Sea Fishing

08 Aug Do Rocks, Reefs and Wrecks Affect Deep Sea Fishing

How Rocks, Reefs and Wrecks Affect Deep Sea Fishing Affect Deep Sea Fishing- Charleston, SC

While we might see rocks, reefs, and wrecks as eyesores or useless structures sitting on the ocean floor, many types of fish see these objects as home. In fact, fish from any part of the food chain may consider a rock, reef, or wreck a place to get away from strong ocean currents. Fish can either live in the structure or swim in the area around it, so when you’re deep sea fishing, don’t forget to look for fish up to 100 yards away. Also, remember that even though the rocks, reefs, or wrecks are deep below the surface of the water, they can still affect your deep sea fishing experience.


Catching Fish near an Underwater Structure

Fishing near rocks, reefs, and wrecks requires certain knowledge about how these structures influence the actions of fish living in or around them. Catching specific high-speed fish like tuna, wahoo, or billfish involves trolling high-speed baits or slow-troll live baits. On the other hand, if you want more reef dwellers like blackfish, grouper, or snapper, it would be most effective to anchor the boat and drop baits close to the structure. In addition, to catch deep-sea fish, it is a good idea to send a vertical jig to the bottom and quickly pull it back to the boat. To the fish at the bottom, your bait looks like an escaping bait fish. Fish patrolling the bottom surrounding the structure can be fooled by drifting while bouncing a jig or natural bait. Typically, rocks, reefs, and wrecks are easy to find on nautical charts, which makes them a great place to start offshore fishing.


The Best Deep Sea Fishing in Charleston, SC

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