End of Summer Fishing – Charleston, SC

04 Aug End of Summer Fishing – Charleston, SC

Summer Fishing in Charleston

Late summer makes the perfect time to book your overnight summer fishing charter. In late summer, the water tends to be warmer, and the fish go deep and don’t feed as aggressively. An experienced crew and a captain who knows the area are your strongest assets in your quest for a full cooler and the experience of fighting some of the ocean’s big game fish.Summer Fishing in Charleston, SC

We start out our journey by trolling offshore for bottom and reef-dwelling fish. Some targets include king mackerel, sea bass, blackfish, triggerfish snapper, and grouper. As the evening wears on and the temperatures drop, we go out after bottom fish or go out for swordfish, known for their spectacular leaps and wild fights. As the sun rises, we’ll go out for more shots at the big game fish, or troll for bottom fish, if the coolers aren’t already overflowing.

Trip Packages

Overnight summer fishing trips give you the best shots at some of the largest and most savage game fish in the ocean. Since the best fishing is available in the morning and evening hours, especially in late summer when the temperatures are higher, the overnight charter trip offers you two shots at the prime fishing times. When you go out with the Wahoo crew, you’ll be taken to the spots known to be the prime places to have opportunities at the biggest and toughest fish in the sea. Whether you choose a full day trip, a ¾ day or ½ day trip, or go for the best chance at the biggest and hardest hitting fish with an overnight trip, you’ll have the best opportunities and enjoy your outing on the ocean aboard the luxurious Wahoo. What better way to celebrate the closing days of summer than time with friends and fishing on the water? Come fish the Wahoo and end your summer with trip to remember.


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