Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial
Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial
Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial
Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial
Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial
Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial
Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial
Wahoo Fishing Charters Charleston Testimonial

THE Deep Sea Sportfishing Charter In Charleston … We Had To Get A Third Boat!

By far the busiest charter in town, we needed a third boat! Our legendary Wahoo and Git R Done now have a companion to tag team the Charleston deep sea fishing grounds, working in tandem to optimize the catch of both boats. Acquiring Teaser 2 in June 2019, the only vessel in Charleston that is able to take more than 6 passengers, Team Wahoo is locked, cocked and ready to rock! Book either one and get ready for a fantastic day with Charleston’s best.

The Yacht

Name: Wahoo!

Type: Ocean Yacht

Length / Weight: 48 foot, 37 Gross Tons

Air conditioned throughout

3 beds, 2 baths, full kitchen

Wrap around couch, 2 barrel chairs

94 sq ft cockpit

Mezzanine seating for 3 in cockpit

Pompannette fighting chair, 18 rod holders


The Wahoo has been tearing up the Charleston, Virginia Beach, Outer Banks and South Florida fishing grounds for nearly 30 years. Her incredibly clean prop wash allows for optimal billfish and Mahi sightlines, which explains her great fishing raising reputation. Not quite as heavy as Git R Done, so a little more economical.

The Beast

Name: Git R Done

Type: Custom Carolina

Length / Weight: 58 foot, 55 Gross Tons

Air conditioned throughout

4 beds, 1 bath, full kitchen

2 sofas w/ 4 built in recliners

182 sq ft cockpit (that’s HUGE!)

Mezzanine seating for 5 in cockpit

Bluewater fighting chair, 28 rod holders


Simply put, Git R Done is a beast. Built to withstand the rigors of fishing the Outer Banks, her huge flair and wide flat stern give her the most stable, smooth ride imaginable. She has an incredible Tournament winning history throughout Virginia and the Carolinas. Git R Done is true deep sea sportfishing at it’s finest. The best of the best.

The Party

Teaser 2

Name: Teaser 2

Type: Custom Bluewater

Length / Weight: 45 foot, 35 Gross Tons

Air conditioned throughout

4 beds, 1 bath

Seating for 30

Wide open cockpit, room for 20

3 fighting chairs, 40 rod holders


Specialty: TAKE FROM ONE TO 20 PEOPLE!!! The only Coast Guard Inspected Fishing Vessel in three states, The Teaser is the only vessel in Charleston that can take more than 6 passengers fishing. With room for 6 more up top with the Captain and eight more in the air conditioned salon, The Teaser can handle most any party. While she can hunt down the really big ones out deep with the best of them, her layout is ideal for trolling and bottom fishing closer to shore. Therefore, we offer 5 hour, 8 hour and 11 hour trips on Teaser so we can offer shorter nearshore trips.

Charleston’s Premiere Offshore Fishing Charter Experience

World Class Captains

Make no mistake, there is a HUGE difference between a good captain and a world class captain. All of our deep sea fishing charters and inshore fishing excursions feature professional Tour Series Winning Captains to optimize your catch and experience.

Anybody can take you out on the water. Anybody can catch a few fish. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money… go with the best.

What makes Wahoo the best fishing charter experience in Charleston?

Luxurious Ride & Layout

Our SMALLEST boat being 50′ (with pulpit) and 37 tons, both yachts are stable, luxurious vessels ideal for comfortably delivering customers the forty plus miles to the offshore grounds. You can pay less for a smaller boat elsewhere, but you’ll regret it.

Epic Fishing Machines

Rupp outriggers, center riggers, green sticks, dredges, down riggers, electric reels, swivel fighting chairs, 12 fighting belts, 34 Shimano and Penn big game combos and state of the art electronics to find the fish. Our yachts are rigged with the best.

Fast, Quiet & Smoke Free

This is a LOT more important than you could imagine. Both yachts are equipped with SMOKE FREE diesels and HEAVILY insulated engine rooms. You won’t be surrounded by smoke belching out the back and a boat that sounds like a freight train.

Team Wahoo! is revolutionizing deep sea fishing charters! We are literally taking the entire sport to new heights. Team Wahoo! delivers an unparalleled, exhilarating experience of a lifetime. Seriously… you’ve never seen anything like THIS!

Ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime?


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Charleston’s Premiere Charter Fishing Experience