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By far the busiest charter in town, we needed a second boat! Our legendary Wahoo now has a companion to tag team the Charleston deep sea fishing grounds, working in tandem to optimize the catch of both boats. Acquiring the monstrous Git R Done in June 2018, Team Wahoo is locked, cocked and ready to rock! Book either one and get ready for a fantastic day with Charleston’s best.

The Legend

Name: Wahoo!

Type: Ocean Yacht

Length / Weight: 48 foot, 37 Gross Tons

Air conditioned throughout

3 beds, 2 baths, full kitchen

Wrap around couch, 2 barrel chairs

94 sq ft cockpit

Mezzanine seating for 3 in cockpit

Pompannette fighting chair, 18 rod holders


The Wahoo has been tearing up the Charleston, Virginia Beach, Outer Banks and South Florida fishing grounds for nearly 30 years. Her incredibly clean prop wash allows for optimal billfish and Mahi sightlines, which explains her legendary fishing raising reputation.

The Beast

Name: Git R Done

Type: Custom Carolina

Length / Weight: 58 foot, 55 Gross Tons

Air conditioned throughout

4 beds, 1 bath, full kitchen

2 sofas w/ 4 built in recliners

182 sq ft cockpit (that’s HUGE!)

Mezzanine seating for 5 in cockpit

Bluewater fighting chair, 28 rod holders


Simply put, Git R Done is a beast. Built to withstand the rigors of fishing the Outer Banks, her huge flair and wide flat stern give her the most stable, smooth ride imaginable. She has an incredible Tournament winning history throughout Virginia and the Carolinas. A true fishing machine.

Most Popular



Deep Sea Fishing


Why is Deep Sea Fishing

The most popular?

Because we KNOW where the fish are! In

fact, we GUARANTEE* you will catch fish…

And fish you can take home and eat!!!

(there’s a BIG difference)

Another reason deep sea fishing

Is the most popular:

All Deep Sea Trips are made on our

luxurious  and legendary yachts The

Wahoo and Git R Done!

Fully air conditioned with 2 bedrooms, 2

bathrooms, full kitchen, huge living room

with sectional pull out sofa, coffee table,

2 barrel chairs, satellite TV and stereo!

Our yachts are luxury personified!

Our Most Popular Package:
Full Day Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing

Why Is This Our Most Popular Package?

While a full day sounds like a long time, in the bliss of deep sea fishing, it goes by fast and people just don't want it to be over. We have NEVER heard anyone ask "can we cut this trip short?". Routinely however, people ask to extend their trip. Another reason is that there are two types of deep sea fishing. TROLLING is fishing on top of the water for big fish like Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna, etc. BOTTOM FISHING is anchoring over a reef and dropping bait to the ocean floor for smaller fish like Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, Sea Bass, etc. Trolling is exciting because while you are not catching as many fish, the fish you catch are big and put up a spectacular fight, often taking to the air. Bottom fishing is awesome because while the fish are typically not as big, you are catching fish constantly. The full day package gives you time to load up on both.

Maximum 6 Passengers (Coast Guard Restriction)

48′ Wahoo – $2300

58′ Git R Done – $2600

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¾ Day Deep Sea Fishing

The ¾ Day package gives you a decent dose of either Trolling –or- Bottom Fishing, but it is difficult to max out on both. It can be done, but you will likely find yourself a little rushed. Keep in mind, it takes at least an hour and a half to reach the offshore fishing grounds, so time is limited.

Maximum 6 Passengers(Coast Guard restriction)

48′ Wahoo – $1900

58′ Git R Done – $2100

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Size Really DOES Matter!

While you can go deep sea fishing in a 35 foot boat (some are even smaller), your body will tell you afterwards you shouldn’t. A smaller, lighter boat will really take its toll on your body. Our large, heavy yachts won’t. Besides, there’s no place to “go” and nothing to “do” in a small boat. The ride gets very old very quick. Go up top to chat with the captain, then go down below for a cup of coffee, then lay on the couch and watch Sportcenter. Next thing you know, you're there. The trip offshore is enjoyable and goes much quicker in a well apportioned yacht.

Inshore Fishing
A day on the water is still a day on the water!

We must tell you…inshore fishing is vastly different from deep sea fishing. Deep Sea fishing is “catching”. Inshore fishing is “fishing”. We board our 23 foot center console (sorry, obviously no air conditioning, no bathroom, etc) and make educated guesses as to where fish might be at that time. We ride out to a spot, cast some lines in the water, and hope something hits. Wait for a while…if nothing hits…move to another spot. With inshore fishing there are no guarantees other than a pleasant day on the water with gracious hosts. Anyone that says otherwise is telling fish tales!

deep sea fishing

4 Hour Inshore Fishing

Maximum 4 Passengers – Cost: $600

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Harbor Cruises

There is no doubt…the best views of Charleston are from the water. Harbor cruises aboard the Wahoo! are a luxurious way to take in our majestic city. Cruise in style around The Battery, Rainbow Row, Ft Sumter, Ft Moultrie, The Jetties, Sullivan’s Island, The Yorktown, Patriot’s Point, the great Ravenel Bridge (the pride of our skyline), the Aquarium, Castle Pinkney and Waterfront Park.

deep sea fishing

4 Hour Harbor Cruise
Maximum 6 Passengers – Cost: $500

Each additional hour – $100

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* If you don’t catch fish, you don’t pay! – Fish Catch Guarantee is for Full Day, 3/4 Day and Half Day Deep Sea Fishing Packages Only. For those packages only, Wahoo Fishing Charters LLC guarantees someone on the boat will catch a fish. If a fish is not caught, a full refund will be given. This guarantee is null and void if the customer prohibits the crew from performing their job or demands that the crew only troll for sport fish and / or not allow them to bottom fish.

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